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Fit to Fight, Fight for Fitness

The Classes

With your membership, there are no restrictions on the number of classes or times. Muay Thai America offers unlimited classes that fit your schedule. Compare that with others! No yearlong contracts — unless you want one. Our philosophy: We cannot make you drink, but if you are thirsty, we will supply unquenchable knowledge.

Muay Thai:

Discover the Science of Eight Limbs in a structured class. Learn the tradition, technique and strategy. This is the best and most effective hour work out. You will walk away with knowledge in a systemized method established by Kru (Instructor) Santi Sakkomkai.

Jiu Jitsu:

John Dagdagan's classes usually consists of a Jiu Jitsu related warm-up. Hip escapes, forward and backward rolls and other movements are essentials to learn and are being practiced at the beginning of almost every class. Then you will learn techniques that will enable you to overcome a stronger and bigger opponent by using leverage. After the movements are being practiced you will put those techniques you just learnt to a test on a less cooperative training partner with sparring. In Jiu Jitsu and other grappling arts we use the term "rolling" which should point out the ego-free environment which is necessary to excel in this exciting martial art.

Filipino Martial Arts:

This class includes stick fighting, knife fighting, and Yaw-Yan a.k.a "Dance of Death."

Muay Thai Fight Club:

This caters to those who want to compete in either sparring, amateur or professional level. Emphasis is directed to enhanced conditioning and competition. The trainers will focus on your personal best and bring out the best in you. Focuses on strategy and ring generalship where you will peak right before your fight. Private Classes: One trainer one student. Your trainer only focuses on you and your abilities. A good trainer doesn’t show you what he can do, he brings out the best in you.

Kids (Muay Thai Tigers):

Designed for 5-12 year olds, your child will also learn the art of self-respect and discipline as well as honor. Kids learn in a self-competitive and non-threatening method. What better reward can you give your child but Self Confidence!

Special events:

Muay Thai America is proud hold many special events such as Sparring, Seminars, BBQ’s, Movies, Exhibitions, Road trips and more. Be a part of the Muay Thai America Family.

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