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10654½ Magnolia Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601
(818) 745-9807
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Fit to Fight, Fight for Fitness


Santi never misses a thing and makes deep connections with his students. He pushes you how you need to be pushed and keeps you honest about your training. He will walk you to your goals, step by step if you give him your devout time and dedication while you are with him.

— Eddie A. (College Student / Amateur fighter)

When I first started training with Santi 3-4 years ago not only did I drop a lot of weight at my age "which is older than him" shhhhhh! He kept me motivated to keep going and to not give up! My first day I thought I was going to die...I thought no way! He inspired me to keep coming and now I love Muay Thai. When I don't go, I get sad. I have had a few bumpy roads with my medical, but I always come back because it made me feel better. Now the doctor said that I have server arthritis, but I told myself don't give up! What would I be doing at home sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself...Hell No!!! I want to see Santi...I love when he pulls aside for one round to work with me...I really think he is showing the parents "Look" she can do it so can you!!! When I explain to people how when class is over my clothes are soaking wet "really" it is like a going to a sauna. Santi gives us real good workout better than LA Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, Curves, and personal trainer's at 24 Hour Fitness I have done them all. Never have I felt this good. Santi has a heart of gold he gives and gives and besides training he cares so much about everyone. Some girls think boxing I don't want to get me Santi would never let anyone get hurt!!! I could go on and on and on, but I will close this with I Love my Thai Family!!!!!! and I am blessed to have found such loving and caring people!

— Lori W. (Business Owner)

Santi is a great man with a big heart. His devotion to the sport of muay thai is more than any one person can give. He not only taught me (correctly) to how to hit pads and fight strong but also WHY I was hitting the pads and WHY I was using a certain technique! Even though I don't train with Santi any more he will always be my KRU (instructor). I always look forward to training with Santi or just hanging out BBQing and chatting. I am truly honored to call him my friend!

— Paul T. (Welder / Amateur Fighter)

Kru Santi has taught me true authentic Muay Thai. He teaches his students, not only great technique, but makes them understand the heart of Muay Thai.

— Anna D. (Business Executive)

Not only is Kru Santi a great instructor but he's a quality human being, and a good father. He truly cares about the well-being of his students and treats everybody equally regardless of their skill level. The way he carries himself is something we should all strive for -to be humble and not be driven by our ego and a false sense of self-gratification.

— Greg B. (Business Owner / Father)

Kru Santi has the experience and knowledge to be able to give a person the exact teachings of Muay Thai for their level, ability and desire. Whether you are in Muay Thai for fitness, hard training for fighting or for fighting at higher levels....he has seen and done it all...and passes it onto his students in a way that is easy to grasp and follow. Technique and grace, with knowledge and ability, is what he's able to give....along with the all-over feeling of the family that Muay Thai also represents. Being under his schooling will bring you the feeling of self worth, confidence, ability to take a challenge and conquer it......body mind and soul is Muay Thai....and Kru Santi lives this; with him, you will also.

— Madison S. (Tattoo Artist / Amateur Fighter)

Training with David has really and truly been a profound experience that impacts my daily life. Because of David's extensive experience in martial arts, he is able to adjust the way he trains me to fit my fitness and knowledge level. Training with David always feels like a healthy challenge, and I learn practical self-defense techniques that I could use if necessary. I have also noticed that my physique has radically changed for the better. Thanks to David, my body has drastically toned up! Thanks David!

— Amanda E. (Model, Actor, Singer)

Training with David is the best I could ask for he'll study my opponent and train me to fight him. His training has helped me win World titles, he makes sure I peak for my fights, so when I walk into the ring I'm in perfect shape to fight whoever stands in front of me. He's has all my respect.

— Baxter "The One Armed Bandit" Humby. (World Muay Thai Champion)

For the past 10 years, Santi always gets me ready for my championship fights

— Malaipet (7 Time World Muay Thai Champion)

Kru John Dagdagan is a very unique teacher, who takes his teaching very seriously. Not only does he incorporate a high work rate, but he finds ways for the individual to really enjoy what they are learning and the amount of hard work being put it. He tries to focus on each student at a very personal level while still maintaining a class like structure. He is one to inspire others through his wisdom and teachings and is also helping spread the art of Muay Thai.

— Ming F. (Olympic Gold Medalist - Tae Kwon Do, 4X World and 3X National Champion)